From recycler to developer of innovative end products made of plastic

"It's family that gives us the strength and courage to break the mould!"

Thomas Manzei

Continuity of leadership since foundation. The foundation of the business in 1994 marked the starting point for our plastics enterprise but also the beginning of a successful dynasty – "dynasty" because we see ourselves as an extended family business, deeply rooted in the region, which gives local people real prospects at our Arzberg location.

Tradition and progress – an unbeatable combination!

Over the years we have passed on the know-how we have built up and our decades of experience both within the family and to our employees – a developmental process that has gone into each of our products. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for new innovative ways to make our products even better, develop new products and effectively use and integrate the latest technological advances in our manufacturing process.