High-quality regranulate for your plastic ideas

PURUS regranulate is almost as good as the original!


Our regranulates can be used for highly diverse requirements. They are now used to manufacture products for which their use would have seemed unimaginable up until very recently.

Our customers include many businesses in the plastics industry, such as landfill liner manufacturers, pipe manufacturers, injection moulders, and so forth.

The stand-out features of our regranulates are:

Fields of application:


  • Furniture
  • Floor fittings
  • Toys
  • Window profiles
  • Household goods and household appliances
  • Pipes
  • Transport containers and pallets

High level of homogeneity

for complex applications 

Having one of the most modern washing and production plants in the world enables us to produce extremely homogeneous regranulates.

Individual regranulates

for individual requirements

We produce our regranulates in everything from low grades to the highest-quality raw materials, depending on requirements. The use of additives lend our regranulates entirely new material properties. So you get exactly the raw material you need for your "plastic idea".

Consistent quality

thanks to certified production

By conforming to strict production standards we guarantee the consistently high quality of our regranulates. This gives you the assurance that the quality of your end product does not vary either.

Plastics recycling – full service for everything relating to plastics


Alongside its great quality, the PURUS service rounds off the products efficiency. We are a flexible and dedicated team, and we are there for you, even if you need help at short notice. Ask for us.

  • Shredding of all plastics
  • Agglomeration of polyolefins
  • Receiving defined used plastics for recycling
  • Logistics (transport, container provision, packaging)
  • Material analyses

Compur is an easy-flowing polyolefin blend of polypropylene and polyethylenes characterised by a good balance of strength and impact resilience as well as good workability, especially for injection moulding.

The mechanical properties of Compur lie somewhere between PE-HD and PP. The synergy between the two components, together with the overlap of their working temperature ranges, helps to give a broader range of applications. Compur is medium-grey and has a high shine. It can be injection-moulded distortion-free to form filigree parts without any problems.

Injection moulding

  • Suitable for thick- or thin-walled moulded parts with shining surfaces.


  • For the production of pipes, profiles and sheets.


  • The application-specific modification of material properties and colours is possible.


Recommended processing parameters:

  • Injection moulding at 190°C–230°C
  • Temperature-stable up to 280°C