Quality made in Germany – certified.

When it comes to the advantages of a product, one is superior to all others: decades of successful application in the widest variety of projects worldwide. Can other solutions say the same?


Economical and environmentally sustainable

  • Regulates the water supply
  • Distributes loads evenly (no compaction)
  • Improves the microclimate
  • Integrated expansion joints make for a highly stable and compact surface
  • Full-surface push-fit system
  • Ecological solution
  • Problem-free percolation
  • Proven non-toxic to soil organisms and groundwater
  • No edging required!
  • Distributes loads evenly
  • Very little substructure required

Quick and effective installation

  • On delivery 12 tiles (1.3 m²) already pre-connected
  • Self-installation no problem
  • Elements are very light: 6-10 kg/m²
  • Easy to cut with a jigsaw, angle grinder or similiar; no dust

Various filling materials

  • Chippings, marble chippings, coloured quartz sands
  • Available unfilled
  • Special humus / quartz sand mixtures for green areas

Multiple certificates

  • Environmentally neutral in acc. with OECD 202:2004
  • Up to 20 t axle load in acc. with DIN 1072
  • high loadability, DIN EN 124:2011
  • Monitored production, "Made in Germany" TÜV Nord
  • UV-resistance (DIN EN 60068-2-5) and durability
  • Permeability (infiltration test on concrete pavers) DIN 18130

Safety interlocking system

  • Safe and compact locking
  • TÜV-tested
  • Reduced installation time
  • Elements can be used multiple times
  • Highly stable over large area

Extremely strong

  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 350 t/sq m depending on grid type
  • Highly dimensionally stable
  • Low wear, long life
  • Homogeneous regranulates used for greater robustness and safety
  • UV-resistant

Surface reinforcement without sealing

  • Perfectly regulates the water supply
  • Does not compact the surface
  • Drains
  • No formation of puddles and mud
  • No flooding

Useful, innovative accessories

  • Universal hinge for installation on/at the bottom of slopes
  • Trickrast connector for temporary surface reinforcement
  • Click-in car park and paddock markers
  • Ground spikes in various lengths
  • Floor tiles in various thicknesses and surfaces
  • Various fillings

Low transport and handling costs

  • Stacks neatly and ships on pallets to save space
  • Makes optimum use of storage and transport capacities
  • Lightweight grids
  • Excellent distribution network around the world

Very easy handling

  • Easy click-in connection – simply place and lock
  • Pre-assembled ECORASTER surfaces
  • Takes approx. 1 man-hour to lay 100 sq m
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • purus also provides an installation service on request

TÜV CERT certifies the high to extremely high load-bearing capacities of our ECORASTER ground reinforcement system as tested to DIN 1072. In addition, all ECORASTER products are environmentally neutral as tested to DIN 38412. Non-toxic to soil organisms and groundwater.

This is an invaluable advantage which enables ECORASTER products to be used in sensitive areas, such as beside water, on agricultural land and for livestock farming. This means contact with animal feed and food products is completely safe. For this and many other reasons, ECORASTER can be used to optimum effect in a whole array of applications.


ECORASTER is tested to the following criteria:

See the difference!

There are a number of important criteria that speak volumes about the quality of a grid:

The weight of the grid as proof of the material
used and, thus, its stability

DIN certificates for the grid itself, not for production

Proven in use, long-term experience based on more
than 10 years of use without any problems in highly
varied conditions worldwide.

Number of connecting pins for maximum
surface stability

Quality Made in Germany (not just German materials,
but produced in Germany as well)

Professional advice

There are many reasons to choose ECORASTER over concrete or other forms of reinforcement!

Contact us – we provide professional, no-obligation advice and are happy to explain the advantages of ground reinforcement using ECORASTER grids.