The competition riding arena grid

ECORASTER TS50 is a competition grid specially developed for professional use, which meets all the requirements for flexibility, dimensional stability, strength and safety. With its robust design, it is also suitable for various other heavy-duty applications in equestrian sports.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 5 cm
  • Wall thickness: up to 2.5 mm
  • Loadability: up to 800 t/m² (depending on fill type)
  • Weight per m²: approx. 6.66 kg
  • Weight per unit: approx. 0.74 kg
  • Wall height: 5 cm
  • Material: LD-PE, recycled
  • Dimensional stability: Temperature range -50° to +90°
  • Deformation: 0.5% (at normal temperatures +20 to +80 degrees)
  • Moisture absorption: 0.01 %
  • Solubility: Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, oil and petrol (de-icing salt, ammonia, acid rain, etc.)
  • Interlock: 36 notched connectors per m²
  • Max. open surface: approx. 80 %
  • Tensile strength: > 5 kN/m

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Applicable for

  • Equestrian sports

    • Pasture approaches
    • Feeding areas
    • Washing and loading areas
    • Lunging arenas
    • Round pens
    • Outdoor riding arenas
    • Paddocks
  • Agriculture

    • Holding areas
    • Enclosure approaches
    • Feeding areas
    • Farm management and loading areas


  • UV-resistant and weatherproof: according to DIN EN ISO 4892-2 and
    DIN EN 60068-2-5
  • Compressive strength: up to 20 t point axle load (DIN 1072)
  • Environmental compatibility: environmentally neutral according to OECD 202:2004
  • Highly durable: according to DIN EN 124:2011 (D400)

Due to a revised formulation

By incorporating high-quality aggregates the new ECORASTER TS50 is even more elastic and flexible.

For less wear

The revised geometry and the increased use of materials make the TE50/TS50/TE40/TE30 even more resistant and robust.

TÜV approved

Simple and easy to handle, the TÜV-approved locking system ensures stable and safe cohesion of the grids.

Due to high quality material formula

Einzigartig in seinen Eigenschaften. Das ECORASTER TS50 Bodengitter besticht durch seine hohe Belastbarkeit von bis zu 350 t pro qm.