Curve element

The flexible and practical curve accessories

Lay ECORASTER ® effortlessly even in curves. Thanks to the curve element, you can lay our ECORASTER ® E 40, S 50, E 50, A 50 stable and without any trouble into curved areas - of course in uneven terrain, too. Among the classical applications is e.g. the roadside reinforcement with curved stretch of roads as well as the reinforcement of traffic circle roadsides.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 33 x 12 x 4/5 cm
  • Material: PE (polyethylene), recycled

Thomas Keller

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Applicable for

  • Gardening and landscaping

    • Parks
    • Footpaths and cycle lanes
    • Stabilisation of slopes and embankments
    • Soft shoulders
    • Traffic islands
    • Roundabouts
    • Lay-bys
    • Entrances and exits
    • Railway and tramway construction