PURUS PLASTICS’ new cable spool saves space, time and money.

The one-way spool – clever and tough. Ensures low space requirement, safe transport and ideal stacking in filled condition.

Sustainable despite of being one-way - 100% made of recycled PP.

The new one-way (administration free) cable spool from PURUS PLASTICS convinces by its consequent appearance: Tough, safe, sustainable and affordable. The nestable flanges allow a space-saving storage in disassembled condition and simultaneously enable large transport volumes of more than 4,000 pieces per truckload. Within a few seconds a disassembled spool gets assembled and cannot be taken-apart no longer without destruction of the spool thanks to the safety locking system. The integrated shift protection provides safe handling and stacking during the transport and storage of filled spools.

PURUS PLASTICS practices a true 360 degree recycling, i.e. besides the production of our one-way cable spools we are also your contact for the environmentally appropriate processing of used spools.

Facts worth knowing at a glance

Made in Germany

Get the benefit of our many years of experience and the technical know-how that we pour into all of our work and production processes on a daily basis.


  • Low space requirement
  • nestable flanges
  • functional design
  • stackable with shift protection
  • assembled within seconds
  • safety locking system
  • pre-assembled spools available if requested





Type: one-way spool (administration free)
Flange Ø: 390 mm / 15.354 inches
Core Ø: 125 mm / 4.921 inches
Length: 400 mm / 15.748 inches
Slot Ø: 56 mm / 2.204 inches
Coil loading: 80 kg / 176.369 lbs
PU: 126 pieces
Truckload: 4158 pieces
Material: PP, 100% recycled material
Tare weight: 2 kg / 4.409 lbs