Benefits of modern Plastic Palettes

Therefore less wood is more

Modern plastic pallets are the future as they combine the requested sustainability with many smart user benefits. Furthermore it is a fact that through innovative recycling plastics are making a positive contribution to the environment protection.

As a result to our regained raw materials our products are absolutely sustainable, being from recycled materials as well as being fully recyclable. Not only because of this real 360° recycling our plastic pallets include much value added compared to wooden pallets. Plastics pallets are highly hygienic, tough, user friendly as well as space-saving storable and stackable. Profit from the higher lifespan, as the material is resistant to humidity and weather effects or take advantage when using the pallets in international goods traffic.

Our products help you to run a reliable and cost-effective logistics and to gain eco-credentials. Being a manufacturer who regains his own raw materials puts us also into the role of a specialist contact: We can take care of your plastic load carriers that are withdrawn from service.

The benefits at a glance

  • Sustainable
  • Nestable
  • Stackable
  • Longer Preversation
  • Slight Weight
  • Steadily Weight
  • Sturdy & Resilient
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Suitable for high Rack
  • Different Sizes
  • Different Colours
  • Cost-effectiv
  • Recycable
  • Made of recycled Material
  • Ideal for international Logistics
  • No Injury from Splinter of Wood


  • with Anti-Skid-Edges
  • with Antiskid Top-Deck
  • with Strap Beading
  • with RFID
  • whith Skids

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