Machinery and equipment co-operative

Machinery and equipment co-operative



  • Project: Engine room entrance
  • Area: 150 sq m
  • Year of installation: March 2008
  • Customer: Maschinen- und Betriebshilfsring Dillingen e.V., Nordfelderhof 25, 89407 Dillingen

Project description

Dillingen e.V. got a new engine room entrance in no time thanks to teamwork and the ECORASTER E50!

On 11 March 2008, our distributor ecora demonstrated ECORASTER ground reinforcement to the managing directors of other machinery cooperatives from Bavaria and Baden Württemberg and interested farmers on the grounds of Dillingen machinery and equipment cooperative.

The demonstration involved installing ECORASTER E50 on the unreinforced forecourt of an engine room entrance. The saying "Time is money" is especially true in modern agriculture! It was therefore of great interest to those attending the event to be able to see the quick and easy installation of ECORASTER grid tiles demonstrated step by step. The visitors were able to give a hand and see for themselves that it is possible to install ECORASTER without any special expertise.

Quick and efficient installation makes for an economical solution!

First a layer of chippings with grain 2–5 mm was put directly on top of the compacted gravel and levelled off at approx. 3 cm in height. No further work was required for the ECORASTER sub-base. The pre-assembled Type E50 ECORASTER tiles were laid over this layer of chippings, the connecting pins of the safety interlocking system locked in place, and with that the surface was ready for its first inspection by the spectators.

Even without edging – which ECORASTER does not require – the elements hold the surface together safely and securely. There is no lifting or warping down the line. Under the critical gaze of the spectators, the surface was compacted to ensure a solid connection between it and the chipping levelling layer. Lastly a wheel loader tipped the same chipping material into the empty ECORASTER grids, which was then spread out by all present working as a team. With that, the approx. 40 sq. m area was finished and ready to be put to a load test.

15 years of know-how – quality and safety Made in Germany!

TÜV-tested and certified to DIN 1072 as having a load-bearing capacity of 350 t/sq m, the ECORASTER grid passed the ultimate load test performed using a large tractor with flying colours. At the conclusion of the event, the participants judged ECORASTER to be the ideal solution for the stable reinforcement of a surface without sealing it, also taking ecological considerations into account.